Departure of Jerry Andersson

As the final horn sounds out in the NIC who would have known this would have been Jerry Andersson’s last game as a steeler unfortunately as a loss against the Cardiff Devils. This has only been the first week since the playoff’s and what a busy week it has been loosing 9 players already from the 2017/18 roster.

The loss of Jerry from the Steelers is like the loss of F.R.I.E.N.D.S from TV. The experience and knowledge in which Jerry holds is without compare certainly in Swedish hockey aswell as European. He one of the most respected coaches and manager throughout the league. The resignation from Jerry was announced Friday 13.04.2018 in back to back seasons at the Sheffield Steelers Jerry helped them get the fewest goals conceded. So how much did Jerry influence over signing’s and tactics? How will the steelers PK be without the defensive style of coaching Jerry brought in? In personal opinion the defense over the 17/18 season was far better than 16/17. 9 imports down and an assistant coach this summer will be busy for the Steelers.

The way I will always remember Jerry Рthe quiet man who did so much for the Sheffield Steelers best of luck Jerry for the future!