Weekend Thoughts 12.11.2016 THE BIG ONE

Which Steeler doesn’t love a panthers game? Its the one thing that keeps you going through that heavy week… and the heavy Saturday traffic to that game filling into the damp arena car park anyway after a quick walk over to the Noose adrenaline pumping your whole body as you see a few Panthers fans drinking in your local the adrenaline is enough for you to play a full 60 minutes of hockey. After a quick shandy and getting your bag checked and your ticket scanned your in and of course buying your shirt off your back and 50/50 tickets! Walking up to our seats, I say ours as we’re season ticket holders all our block is filled with Orange and after a rough weekend last week ¬†and chin wags with the usual’s its lights out before we know it and the game has started lets go!

Nottingham Panthers has 4 players out of there lineup – one of them being ex steeler Chris Lawrence, into the first period we were ready to kill as we got our first power play of the night courtesy of Kristian Kudroc and Steve Lee, a 5 on 3 power play, if your a steeler you will understand power plays have never really been our strong point, however Nottingham unravelled under pressure and Dowdy scored our first of many goals at 11:33 no longer after we stood up and cheered we were up again… 25 seconds later thank you Colton Fretter! At 13:35 Mathieu Roy scored our third goal.. OOH AAH MATHIEU ROY! There was no going back for Nottingham now but fair play to them they were understaffed and had players with injuries on the ice ( i know this because i’m a boring fart that reads every article on teams within our league) anyway back to the orange army…

The second period started with Jeff Brown wanting to get the Panthers spirits lifted so started an early fight with David Phillips. Every time Mike Ratchuk zipped up into the zone I thought maybe a goal was on the cards we didn’t have to wait long we only had to wait for Roy to polish off a rebound slap-shot from John Armstrong at 27:04 the block was loud and very proud. Ben O’Connor showed his skills at 32:32 and the sixth goal was scored. WHOOSH its behind you!

Into the third period we go and Colton Fretter is denied a hat trick with 11 minutes remaining Jesse Schultz and he scores! 7th goal of the night with a neat little tip from Armstrong and to top off a fantastic night Markus Nilsson finished the nights for the steelers…but no it wasn’t done! The buzzer was ready to go end of the third period and Brad Moran scores for the Panthers denying us a shutout.

We went out there and we did the job, as a steeler our worst memory is loosing to Nottingham in the quarter final challenge cup but for Nottingham I think this maybe their worst memory.