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Friday 18th November

The English vs the Welsh for the third time so far this season the Cardiff Devils are coming back to the house of steel, can our orange army close the gap between us both? A few drinks in our local, shandies of course followed by a hot dog a hot chocolate in this cold wet weather and we were ready to go, come on you steelers!

The first period the energy in the building was unbelievable from the Steelers not so much the devils mind travelling up here with only a few fans, as the minutes were ticking we were hoping and praying at-least one of us would score..BOOM 7 minutes in and Guillaume Desbiens dived to the floor sending the puck into the zone and then Colton Fretter tips it in 1-0! no wonder he was named player of the week by the elite ice hockey league.

The second period started and we were all hoping for another score from our beloved team, just one more, know credit given where credit is due Cardiff are a fantastic side. The second period was underway and flashes of red and white and orange and black are zipping all over the ice. Levi Nelson was denied his tip by Bowns but then Colton Fretter grabbed his second of the night weaving through the white and red defence man….COLTON FRETTER! Fingers crossed we keep this play up all night and we might just close the gap (as it stands we are fourth but we have four games in hand)

45:07 The Devils first goal hits the back of our net scored by Sean Bentivoglio Moose (Ervins Mustokovs) saved this twice before it fell back at his skates and a goal was scored. 2-1. The block where I sit is known as Rock the block (block 218) and we made sure we made the building move with our songs and cheers to keep our boys spirits high until just over three minutes later when we were silenced…2-2 ¬†Guilluame Doucet’s shot was a rebound of Moose’s skate! – I forgot to mention earlier this guy was sat in the penalty box pretty much all night. From here it goes downhill at 49.42 Patrick Asselin put the welsh up 3-2 and at that point we all knew what was going to happen and the over whelming feeling of ‘here we go again’ hit us all. Davey Phillips tried to reclaim the puck but unfortunately failed.

Sunday 20th November

The English vs the Irish – these guys have really crept up from the league last year! This win tonight is an essential if we win this we move up-to 2nd in the league. Pre game didn’t start as we usually do me and liam got there earlier visited the merchandise stall (by the way steelers fans 110% recommend the gloves they are sooo thick and warm) and a visit down to the glass boards to watch the guys pre-match warm up before we went back up to our seats ready for tonight’s antics.

The lights out had finished and the puck was dropped, which way was this going to be during warm up both teams were full of it. We watched, we chanted and we shouted (due to the play of Belfast Giants some pretty dirty tricks were coming onto the ice) after 12 minutes of this going unnoticed a holding call was made and Matheiu Roy took his advantage of the power play. After our game 48 hours ago we needed and urgent pick me up.

The second period was a mixed period. The second goal didn’t appear till halfway through thanks to number 76 Levi Nelson skating in from the right wing Jesse Schultz adding another power play goal into our pot! Whoosh its behind you! 3-0

The play came to a end and the arena came to a deathly silence. David Rutherford from the Belfast Giants was on the floor. Before this Rutherford elbowed Yared Hagos causing an injury, Desbiens then skates over to try and resolve this as per the code, as Desbiens arm goes round him Rutherford falls to the floor with flashes of green shirts and socks from his fellow team mates on top of him. Hagos is led off the ice. Rutherford is laid out – the last 1:10 was abandoned in this game and a stretcher was called on ice to help him off, now all my respect goes to Desbiens – this guy stood by his fellow opponent helped him out and accompanied him off the ice and waited with him whilst the ambulance arrived.

The Giants went into the third period and any hope of come back from them was gone. At 49:47 Schultz, Roy and Armstrong fire it straight through the net minders legs 4-0. We didn’t want a repeat of last weekend where the Panthers denied us a shut out, can we hold on? Wish I hadn’t have let that thought cross my mind as the thought crossed my mind Belfast scored ex steeler Colin Shields scored at 57:24. The last two minutes were drawing in and at 58:minutes into the game Ben O’Connor scores a fifth goal! We have done it!