What a fantastic film! This film is so inspiring, and also again based on a true story which was one of the greatest moments in sports.I imagine that hockey will continue to define my life for a very long time.It’s hard to recreate the magic of a once-in-a-lifetime event, but Miracle comes pretty close,it  recaptures the spirit of the times, the personality of coach Herb Brooks and the tension of the game.

Miracle follows the true-life story of Coach Herb Brooks  and his team in there goal of winning the 1980 Olympic games in hockey. Standing against them is the seemingly invincible Russian squad who the team must overcome.The film follows the entire team from training, to the cut lists, and right to the Olympics.The Soviet Union had been the dominant hockey power for years winning gold medals in 64, 68, 72, and 76. The US is a team made up of young college guys molded into an effective unit by coach Herb Brooks. The US would end up playing the Soviets as a huge underdog. It is a story of the little team that could versus the superpower. David versus Goliath basically. The events taking place made this more then a hockey game. This was a competition between 2 countries with heightened tensions. Even before the puck drops you can feel the intensity in the air.There is one great scene after another, but one of my favorites is where Brooks tells them how they can defeat the Russians”You don’t defend against them you attack them.”This is the type of movie, that you would want to watch before a hockey game, because it just pumps you up. This movie really did show what hockey is about. It is not only a sport you play, but it is a sport you play with passion and hard work.

If you are still reading this it goes without saying that I think you should see this movie


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