This film is in the top 10 hockey films for me.Goon is a comedy about a guy who can fight well and plays hockey, but can’t actually play hockey. This is based on a true story about a guy Doug Glatt (real name Smith)who becomes a local hero just by simply going to a hockey match with his friend… well not that simple as he kind of gets into a brawl with a hockey player and eventually gets hired by a semi-pro team as a ‘Goon’ – I dont really like this phrase but ill save that for another day.Doug is a sweet even tempered guy but gratefully takes on the role of an enforcer.

One of the first great things about this film is that it has some of the bloodiest fights ever seen, and they’re all fun to watch because they come from a place of spectator sport and not filthy blood lust. What’s also interesting seems to be the character that is Doug. While obviously not human in his retention of pain and misunderstanding from everyone around him he was lovable. I will say it, I love the character of Doug Glatt, a man who sees the best in everyone and remains humble and loyal.From the romantic relationship between Doug and Eva  to his friendship with Pat , to his strange rivalry with Ross Rhea, every relationship in this film entertains.

The sports scenes actually build tension for the forthcoming final game, and some of these shots are just priceless. Especially when it comes to the fight scenes. They are unapologetically bloody, not at all over exaggerated, and feel very real and yet didn’t have the same glory attributed to them in the real world. There’s definitely a lack of glory, and clarification of what it means to be a hockey hero or someone who protects their team from hateful rivals.

It was also great to find out that Doug was a real person in the credits where they showed some of his real hockey fights. They look as gruesome as the film, which lends even further to the film’s realism.



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